Flame 100 Elektronik Bunsen Beki

Easy Operation

The safety Bunsen burner Flame 100 activates immediately with the push 
of a button. No match or a pilot flame are required.
Optionally, the Flame 100 can also be operated by a foot pedal* or an 
external infrared motion sensor*. The Flame 100 is suitable for stationary 
natural gas and propane/butane gas supplies as well as gas cartridges or 
gas cylinders. Numerous adapter systems are optionally available.

Reliable safety
The proven Safety Control System (SCS) is also incorporated in the Flame 100. 
All potential hazards are constantly monitored and, if necessary, protective 
measures – such as the shutting off the gas supply – are activated. In addition 
to the ignition and flame control function and the overheating protection the 
safety package also features the continuous burner head control BHC.
BHC unfailingly identifies burner head clogging by liquids or solid substances. 
Compared with a conventional Bunsen burner, the Flame 100 with the safety 
standard „SCS“ eliminates the risk of a gas leak or an explosion.

The Flame 100 is economical to operate and attractively priced for any 
laboratory, thus making savings for both your budget and the environment. 
Compared with traditional Bunsen burners, the gas consumption is reduced 
to a minimum, because the flame burns only when it is really needed!

Compact and Rugged
The housing and burner tube are made of stainless steel. The removable 
burner tube makes cleaning easy and the small foot print is an advantage 
for any lab bench.